Posted on Sep 05, 2017
We are pleased to announce that MMTA has signed a long term contract with Dovetail Solutions, Inc., (DSI) to be our Association Manager. DSI has coordinated the last two years of Institute for us as well as Winter Workshop and day seminars this past year. We look forward to working with them in this expanded capacity and are excited that their addition will provide our organization with the ability to better serve our membership and allow for growth opportunities for current and prospective members.
As our Association Manager, DSI will be responsible for the coordination of all annual education programs, maintain the membership database and MMTA website, work with the Board to strengthen our strategic planning and implementation of new ideas and programs, and serve as the main contact point for any questions for all facets of the organization. The new MMTA phone number is 989.820.8389 and address is P.O. Box 324, Tawas City, Michigan, 48764.
We envision a close working relationship between DSI and board members as they will provide guidance and leadership in their areas of responsibility. The addition of an Association Manager will bring our organization long term stability and growth, allowing MMTA to continue to provide its members the best forum to exchange ideas and concepts while also helping achieve our mission to provide education, information, and dedication to the development of our municipal treasury members.
With the hiring of an Association Manager, the MMTA will be centralizing services previously provided by valued individual contractors. The entire board wants to thank all our subcontractors for their years of support and service in helping MMTA become the strong organization that we are today. We could never have come so far without the hours of unfailing service from these dedicated members.
The principals of DSI, Shelley Buresh and Janel Malone, have over 50 combined years of experience in working with non-profits in marketing, advertising, strategic planning, and event planning. For more information on DSI, you can visit
MMTA Board of Directors