Posted on Sep 05, 2017
We are pleased to announce that MMTA has signed a long term contract with Dovetail Solutions, Inc., (DSI) to be our Association Manager. DSI has coordinated the last two years of Institute for us as well as Winter Workshop and day seminars this past year. We look forward to working with them in this expanded capacity and are excited that their addition will provide our organization with the ability to better serve our membership and allow for growth opportunities for current and prospective members.
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The application for the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer certification is available here. If you plan on completing the third year of the Basic Institute in 2018, if you finished Basic in prior years and never applied for certification, or if your certification expires this year, you must complete this form to become a MiCPT. NOTE: the application deadline is June 1st of each year.
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The City of Grand Haven has conducted a survey of water and sewer rates and has graciously shared the results with the MMTA.  More than 130 local units participated in the study!  The Excel spreadsheet tallies the results, provides contact information for participants, and includes basic graphics and other related information.

Grand Haven's purpose was not to perform a formal rate study including financial and engineering perspectives.  They were simply trying to answer the question: "How much does our "average customer" pay per month versus other Michigan communities?"

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