The application for the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer certification is available here. If you plan on completing the third year of the Basic Institute in 2018, if you finished Basic in prior years and never applied for certification, or if your certification expires this year, you must complete this form to become a MiCPT. NOTE: the application deadline is June 1st of each year.
If you are applying for your first certification, please attach a copy of your certificate of completion for the third year of the Basic Institute. If you are applying to renew your certification, you will need to provide documentation that you have accumulated 30 education points since your last certification. The MiCPT points sheets and attendance rosters are available on the "Resources" page of the website. You will have to log in to access that page. Prior to 2015, the Advanced Institute did not have a points sheet so you'll have to provide a copy of your certificate of completion and the education is worth 10 points for each year.